A Modelling Analysis of Financial Incentives for Hepatitis C Testing and Treatment Uptake Delivered Through a Community-based Testing Campaign

Anna Y. Palmer; Kico Chan; Judy Gold; Chloe Layton; Imogen Elsum; Margaret Hellard; Mark Stoove; Joseph S. Doyle; Alisa Pedrana; Nick Scott


J Viral Hepat. 2021;28(11):1624-1634. 

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Hepatitis C testing campaigns can be effective in finding and diagnosing people with hepatitis C infection, particularly those disengaged with care. The costs associated with finding and diagnosing people with hepatitis C infection (and ensuring they have a completed testing event) represent a substantial proportion of the overall hepatitis C care cascade costs. If financial incentives can improve retention in care, even modestly, particularly in settings or population groups with high rates of loss to follow-up, they are likely to deliver better testing and treatment outcomes for the same unit costs.