Fatal Large-vessel Cerebrovascular Infarct Presenting With Severe Coronavirus Disease 2019 in a 39-year-old Patient

A Case Report

Nicolas Koslover; Marc Hardwick; Alexander Grundmann; Tamara Levene


J Med Case Reports. 2021;15(538) 

In This Article


This case adds to the small but growing body of reports describing young patients suffering cerebrovascular thromboembolic events during COVID-19 infection, including a limited number suffering large-vessel cerebral infarction.[6] As one of the youngest cases reported, and yet with clear evidence of diabetes mellitus, it illustrates a potential link between established vascular risk factors and the cerebrovascular complications of COVID-19 even in young patients. This case should prompt further investigation into the possible mechanisms for cerebrovascular complications of COVID-19 and how these may interact with the atherosclerotic state. This will help risk stratify patients into the optical treatment.