Reducing Overuse of Telemetry

Rachel Rotramel, MSN, CCRN, RN


Am Nurs Journal. 2021;16(7) 

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Discontinuation Criteria

Creating discontinuation guidelines can help nurses decide whether a patient is appropriate for continued cardiac monitoring. Create an interprofessional team (including members from hospital medicine, clinical leads and charge nurses, cardiologists and cardiology mid-level providers, telemetry technicians, and nursing management) to produce a standard list of qualifications that allow patients to be removed from telemetry. Established criteria offer a foundation for team members to make evidence-based decisions. Based on these criteria, a nurse-led discontinuation protocol can be developed to further appropriate use efforts. At a minimum, standards that warrant discontinuation are absence of actionable alarms and no detection of arrhythmias. (See Examples of discontinuation criteria.)