Narrative Review of Neuroimaging in Migraine With Aura

Karissa N. Arca MD; Juliana H. VanderPluym MD; Rashmi B. Halker Singh MD


Headache. 2021;61(9):1324-1333. 

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MWA can be associated with a wide array of neuroimaging findings. In the acute presentation of new neurologic symptoms, several imaging findings can potentially distinguish MA from stroke or seizure, although clinical judgment remains paramount. In an asymptomatic patient with MWA, WMAs should be expected but not necessarily at a higher prevalence compared with MWoA. Additional research to improve our understanding of the relevance of imaging changes in MWA will further our knowledge of aura and migraine pathophysiology. Similarly, a variety of imaging modalities with research applications continue to advance our understanding of MWA.