Narrative Review of Neuroimaging in Migraine With Aura

Karissa N. Arca MD; Juliana H. VanderPluym MD; Rashmi B. Halker Singh MD


Headache. 2021;61(9):1324-1333. 

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Study Limitations

A significant limitation encountered in many of the imaging studies capturing MWA in the acute setting is the atypical nature and first-time presentation of symptoms, which often do not meet strict criteria for MWA. Reported neuroimaging findings in MWA and HM are largely confined to case reports and case series, which limits the generalizability of these findings. Clinical trials, although sparse, also include small numbers of participants and vary in methodology. More emphasis was placed on available systematic reviews and meta-analysis to account for the differences in methodology across various studies; however, when these were not available, case reports and series were used to report information.