A Twitter Discourse Analysis of Negative Feelings and Stigma Related to NAFLD, NASH and Obesity

Jeffrey V. Lazarus; Christine Kakalou; Adam Palayew; Christina Karamanidou; Christos Maramis; Pantelis Natsiavas; Camila A Picchio; Marcela Villota-Rivas; Shira Zelber-Sagi; Patrizia Carrieri


Liver International. 2021;41(10):2295-2307. 

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There was a limited amount of content about NAFLD and NASH that included obesity on Twitter in the sampled time period. Most of the content was generated from North America and Europe and was predominantly not directly stigmatizing. This provides a window of opportunity to reduce the related stigma that is expected to occur when the condition becomes better known. We also found that the majority of tweets about obesity were negative. Given the close association of obesity with NAFLD, it is likely that if stigmatizing discourse around NAFLD and NASH is to emerge, it could closely mimic the obesity discourse observed in this study. Therefore, pre-emptive measures to reduce the stigma around NAFLD and NASH could be modelled on existing obesity messaging.