Moisturizers and Cleansers in the Management of Skin Conditions Caused by Personal Protective Equipment and Frequent Handwashing

Sara Mirali, PhD; Patrick Fleming, MD, MSc, FRCPC, FCDA; Charles W. Lynde, MD, FRCPC, DABD


Skin Therapy Letter. 2021;26(4):9-13. 

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Hand Eczema

Hand eczema (HE) is the most common form of ICD.[37] Anionic surfactants, commonly found in hand soaps, disrupt the stratum corneum by damaging proteins and the processing of new lipids, allowing for greater penetration of irritants and TEWL.[38] Likewise, extended exposure to water disrupts the stratum corneum's lipid structure and increases skin permeability.[39] Other irritants, such as organic solvents used in hand sanitizers, strip away lipids from the stratum corneum, although they are less damaging compared to harsh detergents.[40]