A High-Fat Diet Aggravates the Age-Related Decline in Skeletal Muscle Structure and Function

Hans Degens; Anandini Swaminathan; Jason Tallis


Exerc Sport Sci Rev. 2021;49(4):253-259. 

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The age-related decrement in muscle function is aggravated by HFD, resulting in overweight or obesity. It is suggested that older organisms are more susceptible to an accelerated accumulation of IMCL as adipose tissue stores are already loaded and, in contrast to young-adult organisms, do not show an HFD-induced increase in muscle oxidative capacity. The IMCL accumulation potentially causes a deterioration of muscle function not only by a larger volume fraction of the muscle fiber but also via lipotoxic effects. Rodent studies suggest that calorie restriction or methionine restriction is a promising tool to combat obesity.