Are You Eligible for a COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Shot?

John Whyte, MD


September 24, 2021

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JOHN WHYTE: Hi, everyone. I'm Dr. John Whyte, the Chief Medical Officer at WebMD. Should you get a booster? You might have been hearing different things lately.

FDA says something, CDC says something. Here's what you need to know. If you're over the age of 65, if you're a resident in a nursing home, if you're over the age of 18 but you have some underlying health condition -- diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease -- or if you're a frontline worker, and by that I mean grocery store employees, teachers, people that work in the health profession, it's recommended that you get your booster 6 months after your second shot.

Now, remember, this only applies to those persons who got the Pfizer vaccine. I expect we'll know more about Moderna and Johnson & Johnson in the next few weeks. But right now, it only applies to those persons who got the Pfizer vaccine.

You might be saying, hey, can I get Pfizer if I got Moderna or Johnson & Johnson? Right now, that's not recommended. But you could talk to your doctor about whether that's an option for you. If you have questions, drop me a note,

This interview originally appeared on WebMD on September 24, 2021

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