Comparison of Cost and Perioperative Outcome Profiles for Primary and Revision Posterior Cervical Fusion Procedures

Michael L. Martini, PhD; Rebecca B. Baron, BS; Jonathan S. Gal, MD; Sean N. Neifert, BS; William H. Shuman, BA; Alexander J. Schupper, MD; Emily K. Chapman, BS; Ian T. McNeill, MD; Jeremy Steinberger, MD; John M. Caridi, MD


Spine. 2021;46(19):1295-1301. 

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The findings from this study indicate that patients undergoing revision PCDF procedures did not experience significantly increased risk of any perioperative medical complications compared with patients undergoing primary PCDF. Significant differences were observed in various perioperative adverse outcomes, including required ICU stays and ER admissions within 30 days of initial discharge. In addition, patients undergoing revision cervical procedures faced significantly increased surgical costs and direct costs of hospitalization. This study provided a comparative analysis aimed at developing a better sense of the patient population and study cohorts to aid in subsequent controlled multivariate analyses and data interpretations. While the present findings suggest that while revision procedures in the cervical spine may not carry the same risk factors for medical complications as previously believed, perioperative and cost outcomes will require further investigation in this surgical population in larger, prospective studies to better understand any underlying risk factors.