Amniotic Membrane Dressing Versus Nitrofurazone-impregnated Dressing in the Treatment of Second-degree Burn Wounds

A Randomized Clinical Trial

Jafar Kazemzadeh, MD; Awat Yousefiazar, MSc; Afshin Zahedi, MD


Wounds. 2021;33(8) 

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The main cause of sample dropouts was patients declining to continue the study. Based on previous studies, the sample size to achieve results was calculated to be 18; given the probability of dropout and to eliminate its impact on the results, the authors studied 35 patients in each group. Random error in the results can occur as a result of unwanted dropouts in a sample. Given that the authors only investigated second-degree burns, the present results can only be generalized to this specific population and cannot include other degrees of burns.