Effects of Elevated Blood Alcohol Levels on Burn Patient Outcomes

Salomon Puyana, MD, MS; Samuel Ruiz, MD; Francisco Amador, MD; Elizabeth Young, MSN; Shaikh Hai, MD; Mark McKenney, MD, MBA; Rizal Lim, MD; Haaris Mir, MD


ePlasty. 2021;21(e8) 

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The study is a retrospective review of burn patients with elevated alcohol levels on admission and its respective outcomes; however, given the retrospective nature of it, several important points were not included. The time between injury and admission to the hospital was not available. Infectious complications were not included in the analysis given the inconsistencies in the reports. The differences in fluid requirements and surgical management between the 2 groups were also not available for analysis. Further research and analysis are needed to elucidate the effects of alcohol on these specific points.