A World-Wide Survey on Kidney Transplantation Practices in Breast Cancer Survivors

The Need for New Management Guidelines

Keith S. Hansen; Hila Ghersin; Merisa Piper; Mehdi Tavakol; Brian Lee; Laura J. Esserman; John P. Roberts; Chris Freise; Nancy L. Ascher; Rita A. Mukhtar


American Journal of Transplantation. 2021;21(9):3014-3020. 

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Knowledge About Guidelines

The majority of respondents (76, 63%) correctly reported that most current guidelines recommend waiting for 2–5 years after breast cancer diagnosis before performing kidney transplantation. However, 11 (9%) did not know the content of current guidelines, while 33 (27%) of the respondents were not aware that published guidelines exist. When asked about familiarity with the breast cancer molecular assays MammaPrint and OncotypeDx, 31.3% had not heard of them. When informed about molecular assays that can accurately predict recurrence risk, 90.4% of providers would consider eliminating wait-times for women found to have low risk of breast cancer recurrence based on such tests. Most (73.9%) respondents would use such an assay to eliminate wait-times only in conjunction with result interpretation by a breast cancer specialist.