A World-Wide Survey on Kidney Transplantation Practices in Breast Cancer Survivors

The Need for New Management Guidelines

Keith S. Hansen; Hila Ghersin; Merisa Piper; Mehdi Tavakol; Brian Lee; Laura J. Esserman; John P. Roberts; Chris Freise; Nancy L. Ascher; Rita A. Mukhtar


American Journal of Transplantation. 2021;21(9):3014-3020. 

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A total of 129 physicians responded to the survey (response rate of 13.5% when calculated from direct distribution). No submissions were excluded. The majority of respondents were transplant surgeons (103, 90%), male (86, 77%), and practiced at academic medical centers (97, 85%, Table 1 and Table 2). Average age of participants was 53 (standard deviation [SD] of 9 years), with female surgeons being significantly younger than male (mean age 48 vs. 54 years respectively, p = .0017). The mean number of years since completion of transplant fellowship was 17. The majority (70%) of respondents evaluate more than 50 kidney transplantation candidates per year. Encountering potential recipients with a history of prior breast cancer was common, occurring between 1 and 10 times per year for 71% of respondents, and 11 or more times per year in 23% of respondents. Half of respondents (50.4%) reported encountering a potential recipient with a new diagnosis of breast cancer diagnosed during the transplant evaluation between 1 and 10 times per year.