Economic Evaluations of Educational, Physical, and Psychological Treatments for Fibromyalgia

A Systematic Review With Meta-Analysis

Cristina Maria Nunes Cabral; Gisela Cristiane Miyamoto; Katherinne Ferro Moura Franco; Judith Ekkina Bosmans


Pain. 2021;162(9):2331-2345. 

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Psychological interventions for the treatment of patients with fibromyalgia are dominant over other interventions and control conditions. No robust conclusions can be drawn on the cost-effectiveness of physical exercise. There is a need for more high-quality economic evaluations conducted alongside randomized controlled trials evaluating interventions recommended by fibromyalgia guidelines. These studies should include an adequate time horizon and perspective, to allow for the comparison of the results between studies. This will result in a solid evidence based on the cost-effectiveness of treatments for fibromyalgia.