Relationship of Polypharmacy to HIV RNA Suppression in People Aged ≥ 50 Years Living With HIV

MM Murray; J Lin; A Buros Stein; ML Wilcox; J Cottreau; M Postelnick; FJ Palella


HIV Medicine. 2021;22(8):742-749. 

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In this study, PLWH taking > 15 medications were less likely to be virally suppressed, as evidenced by an undetectable plasma HIV RNA, than PLWH taking ≤ 15 medications. Polypharmacy is prevalent among older PLWH, and deprescribing should be systematized to reduce the number of potentially inappropriate medications. While polypharmacy may be unavoidable among PLWH who have multiple non-HIV-related comorbidities, the indication for each medication should be carefully assessed to avoid excessive polypharmacy. Further studies are needed to evaluate the impact of overall medication economic burden upon clinical outcomes in older PLWH.