Adjustable, Skin-Stretching External Fixation Device and Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Application for Infected Full-Thickness Skin Defects

A Case Series Study

Ye Peng, MD; Wei Zhang, MD; Faran Bokhari, MD; Zuo Cao, MD; Gongzi Zhang, MD; Shuwei Zhang, MD; Lihai Zhang, MD


Wounds. 2021;33(7):178-184. 

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The skin-stretching technique with NPWT appears to be an excellent option for the reconstruction of giant, full-thickness skin defects as seen in this case series. This combination can control superficial infections and avoid complications related to flaps. The method reported herein is a simple, cost-efficient, and safe means of managing giant, full-thickness skin defects and should be considered in the management of these wounds.