EASL-ALEH 2015 Algorithm for the Use of Transient Elastography in Treatment-naive Patients With Hepatitis B

An Independent Validation

Jean Nana; Kristina Skaare; Jean Luc Bosson; Vincent Leroy; Tarik Asselah; Michael Adler; Nathalie Sturm; Jean-Pierre Zarski


J Viral Hepat. 2021;28(8):1169-1176. 

In This Article


Our prospective study definitely validates EASL 2015 guidelines and confirms the good performance of TE in order to appreciate fibrosis stage in chronic hepatitis B and make the decision of treatment especially in patients with increased ALT serum levels. However, there are rare cases of considerable discrepancy between histologic fibrosis stage and liver stiffness. In case of doubt, it is necessary to repeat TE in order to conclude.