The Role of the Pharmacist in Overcoming Vaccine Hesitancy

Yvette C. Terrie, BS Pharm, RPh


US Pharmacist. 2021;46(4):28-31. 

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The Pharmacist's Role

Pharmacists play a fundamental role in dispelling common concerns about vaccine-related adverse effects and in improving vaccination rates, and they can act as advocates and educators, as well as vaccine administrators. While there has been some progress in increasing vaccination rates, especially among adults, there are still many factors that contribute to the low rates of vaccination. Through increasing awareness, discussing the benefits versus risks of vaccination, and dispelling the common myths associated with vaccinations, pharmacists can seize every opportunity to discuss vaccination with their patients and motivate patients to obtain the recommended vaccines while also decreasing the incidence of preventable diseases. Unfortunately, some individuals shy away from vaccines due to myths and misconceptions, and pharmacists should encourage open dialogues with patients to identify and address any concerns. Additional patient-education resources for pharmacists are available at: