Anemia Linked With Rehospitalization of COVID Survivors

By Reuters Staff

July 15, 2021

(Reuters) - Anemia should probably be added to the list of risk factors for poorer COVID-19 outcomes, researchers say.

They studied 374 COVID-19 survivors who were hospitalized and then released, with tests showing they had cleared the virus. They found that 104 patients needed to be rehospitalized, and rates of moderate or severe anemia, as indicated by hemoglobin levels, were higher among the readmitted patients in the year before their COVID-19 diagnosis and while they were sick with the coronavirus.

The study, published in iScience, cannot prove that anemia caused or contributed to the readmissions. Still, the research team from data analytics company nference in Cambridge, Massachusetts said the "robust association" of anemia with rehospitalization calls for research into whether anemia treatments might be beneficial in some cases.

SOURCE: iScience, online June 24, 2021.