Hydrosurgical Debridement Use Associated With Decreased Surgical Site-Related Readmissions

A Retrospective Analysis

Crystal Valerie James, MD; Munir Patel, MD; Nicole Ilonzo, MD; Kojo Wallace, MD; Jani Lee, MD; Mabel Chan, MD; Scott Ellis, MD; John C. Lantis II, MD


Wounds. 2021;33(6):139-142. 

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These results help form a solid base to explore the efficacy of hydrosurgical debridement as a favorable modality of debridement in comparison with other traditional methods. The present results showed that there was a statistically significant difference in patients who underwent debridement with hydrosurgery compared with traditional sharp debridement with and without pulsed lavage, and that these patients had lower incidence of postoperative SSI and unplanned readmission. Therefore, with proper patient selection and proper use of a hydrosurgery device, such treatment may result in decreased risk of SSI and subsequent readmission after wound debridement.