Erosive Pustular Dermatosis of the Scalp

Clinicopathological Correlation Leading to a Definition of Diagnostic Criteria

Robin Reschke, MD; Sonja Grunewald, MD; Uwe Paasch, MD; Marco Averbeck, MD; Jan C. Simon, MD; Tino Wetzig, MD


Wounds. 2021;33(6):143-146. 

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Erosive pustular dermatosis of the scalp can be clinically described as consisting of purulent crusts and underlying granulation tissue on actinically damaged skin following topical therapies (eg, PDT, cryotherapy, imiquimod, surgery). Histopathologically, EPDS is always characterized by dermal infiltrates of plasma cells and lymphocytes. The name erosive pustular dermatosis of the scalp is misleading; lymphoplasmacytic dermatitis of the scalp may be a more accurate term for the condition. In the authors' opinion, the histological finding of dermal plasma cells is the most characteristic diagnostic criterion for EPDS and can ensure a correct diagnosis. With proper diagnosis, EPDS can be successfully treated with topical steroids.