A Narrative Review of the Importance of Pharmacokinetics and Drug–Drug Interactions of Preventive Therapies in Migraine Management

Shivang Joshi MD, MPH, RPh; Stewart J. Tepper MD; Sylvia Lucas MD, PhD; Soeren Rasmussen MD; Rob Nelson PharmD, BCPS


Headache. 2021;61(6):838-853. 

In This Article


A literature search of the PubMed database was performed to identify articles related to pharmacokinetic properties of migraine preventive therapies including beta-blockers, antiepileptic drugs, antidepressants, calcium channel blockers, gepants, and monoclonal antibody therapies targeting the CGRP pathway. Articles related to the DDIs between these migraine preventive therapies and medications potentially used for comorbid conditions were also sought from the PubMed database. Other articles and data sources (e.g., prescribing information) not identified through the PubMed search were added as considered appropriate by the authors to ensure a comprehensive narrative review.