The Changing Face of Trigeminal Neuralgia

A Narrative Review

Stine Maarbjerg MD, PhD; Rafael Benoliel BDS (Hons)


Headache. 2021;61(6):817-837. 

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The therapeutic or management options are different for the subtypes of TN (Figure 4). Whether CTN is a progressive disease remains unclear. The improved morbidity rates of neurosurgical techniques such as MVD coupled with high efficacy rates suggest that many patients may benefit from surgery, possibly at an earlier stage. At present, medical management is the basis for many patients with CTN; even for surgical candidates medical therapy is essential preoperatively and is often needed postoperatively, albeit in reduced doses.[68]

Figure 4.

Therapeutic options based on the specific trigeminal neuralgia diagnosis. GKS, gamma knife surgery; MRI, magnetic resonance imaging; MVD, microvascular decompression; TN, trigeminal neuralgia