The Modified Pediatric Early Warning Score Innovation Project (mPEWS-InPro) Mobile-Based Application Development

Another Way of Monitoring A Child's Clinical Deterioration

Lia Kartika, Ns, MKep., Sp.Kep.An; Dessie Wanda, PhD, MN, S.Kp; Nani Nurhaeni, Dr., MN, S.Kp


Pediatr Nurs. 2021;47(1):38-44. 

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The researchers implemented mPEWS-InPro to help identify, monitor, and intervene in the clinical deterioration of 108 children being treated at inpatient infection wards. mPEWS-InPro has an accuracy that is equally high (AUC = 94.2%) to that of Duncan's instrument (AUC = 93.8%) in predicting children experiencing deterioration. With an intersection point of 4, mPEWS-InPro has a higher sensitivity (92.3%) than Duncan's PEWS (76.9%) in predicting children with clinical deterioration. Nurses verbally stated mPEWS-InPro was effective, concise, efficient, easy to apply, and time-saving in calculating the scores of a child's physiological parameters. The mobile-based mPE WS-InPro application is effective in predicting and monitoring the clinical deterioration of children, and its application can be integrated with any local hospital's information technology system responsible for maintaining electronic health records.