The Art of Nursing Becomes a Celebration of Nurses

Tracey Motter, DNP, MSN, RN; David Hassler, MFA; Mary K. Anthony, PhD, RN


Online J Issues Nurs. 2021;26(2) 

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Nursing is indeed an art and science. Science helps to explain the work of a nurse, while art addresses the human connections, empathetic communication, and dedicated care and compassion that make nursing a critical element of healthcare. Although the science and the art of nursing practice are synergistic, in recent years, the worldview of the art of nursing continues to evolve. Emerging scientific evidence indicates that the art of nursing promotes positive physical and psychological effects on healing (Trzeciak & Mazzarelli, 2019).

To experience the complete "Some Days" poem, please see (LINK to "Some Days" PDF version). If you would like to participate in developing the "Some Days" Community poem further, please visit

Developing a community poem focused on the many complexities of nursing offered a meaningful platform about the holistic work of nurses, especially during, but not limited to, this time of challenge arising from the pandemic. The poem celebrates the distinctive contributions of nurses to the healthcare journeys of patients and families. While the art of nursing practice can sometimes be invisible, it is what makes the role of the nurse unique, trusted, and valued by patients and families.