International Delphi Expert Consensus on Safe Return to Surgical and Endoscopic Practice

From the Coronavirus Global Surgical Collaborative

Horacio J. Asbun, MD, FACS; Mohammad Abu Hilal, MD, PhD, FACS, FRCS; Filipe Kunzler, MD; Domenech Asbun, MD; Jaap Bonjer, MD, PhD, MBA, FRCSC; Kevin Conlon, MD, FRCSI, FACS, FRCSG, FTCD; Nicolas Demartines, MD, FACS, FRCS; Liane S. Feldman, MDCM, FACS, FRCS; Salvador Morales-Conde, MD, PhD; Andrea Pietrabissa, MD, FACS; Aurora D. Pryor, MD, FACS; Christopher M. Schlachta, BSc, MDCM, FRCSC, FACS; Patricia Sylla, MD, FACS, FASCRS; Eduardo M. Targarona, MD, PhD, FACS; Yolanda Agra, MD, PHD, MHRs; Marc G. Besselink, MD, Msc, PhD; Mark Callery, MD, FACS; Sean P. Cleary, MD, FACS; Luis De La Cruz, MD; Philippe Eckert, MD; Chad Evans, BA; Ho-Seong Han, MD, MS, (Gen Surg), PhD; Daniel B. Jones, MD, MS, FASMBS; Tong Joo Gan, MD, MHS, FRCA, MBA; Daniel Koch, MD; Keith D. Lillemoe, MD, FACS; Davide Lomanto, MD, PhD, FAMS; Jeffrey Marks, MD, FACS; Brent Matthews, MD, FACS; John Mellinger, MD, FACS; William Scott Melvin, MD, FACS; Eduardo Moreno-Paquentin, MD, FACS; Claudio Navarrete, MD; Timothy M. Pawlik, MD, PhD, MPH; Patrick Pessaux, MD, PhD; Walter Ricciardi, MD, MPH, MSc; Steven Schwaitzberg, MD, FACS; Paresh Shah, MD, FACS; Joseph Szokol, MD; Mark Talamini, MD, FACS; Ricardo Torres, MD; Alessandro Triboldi; Suthep Udomsawaengsup, MD, FRCST, FACS; Federica Valsecchi, PhD; Jean-Nicolas Vauthey, MD, FACS; Michael Wallace, MD; Steven D. Wexner, MD, PhD, FACS, FRCS, FRCS; Michael Zinner, MD, FACS; Nader Francis, MBChB, FRCS, PhD


Annals of Surgery. 2021;274(1):50-56. 

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The recommendations formulated by this international expert consensus group create a framework for resumption of surgical, endoscopic, and other procedural activities in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic. The statements have the potential for wide global application in clinical services, education, and research across different healthcare systems.