Nurses' Perceptions of Workload Burdenin Pediatric Critical Care

Ruth M. Lebet, PhD, RN; Natalie R. Hasbani, MPH; Martha T. Sisko, RN; Michael S. D. Agus, MD; Vinay M. Nadkarni, MD; David Wypij, PhD; Martha A. Q. Curley, PhD, RN


Am J Crit Care. 2021;30(1):27-35. 

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This study sheds light on the workload burden placed on PICU nurses when managing critically ill patients in general and when managing a protocolized therapy. It is highly likely that protocolized care will remain a mainstay of the ICU environment, that technology will increasingly play a part in protocol management, and that the bedside nurse will shoulder the primary workload of protocol implementation. Future research on workload burden should address the collective impact of multiple critical care technologies used by the nurse at the bedside. Parsing out contributors to nursing workload burden will help in the design of targeted interventions to ease nurses' workday.