Risk Factors for Increased Consumption of Narcotics After Hip Arthroscopy

A Prospective, Randomized Control Trial

Ryan S. Selley, MD; Matthew J. Hartwell, MD; Bejan A. Alvandi, MD; Michael A. Terry, MD; Vehniah K. Tjong, MD


J Am Acad Orthop Surg. 2021;29(12):527-536. 

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The number of leftover tablets after hip arthroscopy for FAI can be significantly reduced by prescribing 30 tablets compared with 60 tablets without affecting postoperative pain control. Furthermore, prescribing 30 tablets would meet the narcotic needs of 94% of patients in this study in the setting of multimodal pain management. Total tablets prescribed in this cohort did not affect total opioid utilization. Preoperative factors including opioid or muscle relaxant use and iHOT-12 scores can be used to predict postoperative opioid requirements.