Effectiveness and Safety of Dolutegravir Two-Drug Regimens in Virologically Suppressed People Living With HIV

A Systematic Literature Review and Meta-Analysis of Real-World Evidence

Y S Punekar; D Parks; M Joshi; S Kaur; L Evitt; V Chounta; M Radford; D Jha; S Ferrante; S Sharma; J Van Wyk; A de Ruiter


HIV Medicine. 2021;22(6):423-433. 

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Overall, the results of this one-arm meta-analysis show that treatment with a two-drug regimen of DTG + 3TC or DTG + RPV in clinical practice provides a low rate of VF and a high rate of viral suppression in pre-treated PLHIV who were suppressed at treatment initiation. Furthermore, viral suppression was shown to be maintained across patient populations and treatment histories of the individual studies included in this meta-analysis.