Obesity Among Postmenopausal Women

What Is the Best Anthropometric Index to Assess Adiposity and Success of Weight-loss Intervention?

Ahmed Ghachem, PhD; Alexis Marcotte-Chénard, MSc; Dominic Tremblay, MSc; Denis Prud'homme, MD, MSc; Rémi Rabasa-Lhoret, MD, PhD; Eléonor Riesco, PhD; Martin Brochu, PhD; Isabelle J. Dionne, PhD


Menopause. 2021;28(6):678-685. 

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Our results showed that RFM displayed lower performance to estimate BF% measured by DXA before and after weight-loss intervention. RFM also showed lower performance to correctly identify postmenopausal women living with obesity, with higher obesity misclassification error. Compared to RFM and WC, BMI is the best anthropometric index, first, to correctly identify postmenopausal women living with obesity; and second, to predict BF% before and after (change in BF%) a weight-loss intervention. Overall, our results provide clinicians some guidance regarding the use of anthropometric indices in the context of weight management, as well as in the assessment of success in a weight-loss intervention for postmenopausal women living with obesity.