A Systematic Review of Neuropsychological and Psychiatric Sequalae of COVID-19

Implications for Treatment

William Michael Vanderlind; Beth B. Rabinovitz; Iris Yi Miao; Lauren E. Oberlin; Christina Bueno-Castellano; Chaya Fridman; Abhishek Jaywant; Dora Kanellopoulos


Curr Opin Psychiatry. 2021;34(4):420-433. 

In This Article


This systematic review highlights cognitive deficits and psychiatric symptoms associated with COVID-19. Cognitive and psychiatric dysfunction has the potential to negatively impact survivors' social and occupational functioning during and after recovery. Primary findings from this paper shed light on important treatment targets for this population. Future research is essential to further delineate a granular characterization of cognitive and psychiatric functioning among COVID-19 survivors over time, which will enhance treatment specificity and efficacy across various stages of recovery.