Tilt Testing Remains a Valuable Asset

Richard Sutton; Artur Fedorowski; Brian Olshansky; J. Gert van Dijk; Haruhiko Abe; Michele Brignole; Frederik de Lange; Rose Anne Kenny; Phang Boon Lim; Angel Moya; Stuart D. Rosen; Vincenzo Russo; Julian M. Stewart; Roland D. Thijs; David G. Benditt


Eur Heart J. 2021;42(17):1654-1660. 

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Tilt testing is a useful and necessary diagnostic tool. Practice guidelines endorse its value based on published and strongly vetted evidence. TT adds importantly to our ability to appreciate the pathophysiology of syncope/collapse and improves care of our patients. Neither active standing nor ILR/ICMs can replace TT; active standing is valuable in some forms of OH but to date has no demonstrated value for other syncope presentations, while ILR/ICMs complement syncope workup.