Acute Migraine Among Headache Specialists

Randolph W. Evans, MD


June 28, 2021

Neurologist and headache specialist Dr Randolph Evans, of Baylor College of Medicine, reflects on his own personal history as a migraine sufferer and the prevalence of migraine among other neurologists, headache specialist colleagues, and family medicine physicians. A nationwide survey of headache specialists, conducted by Evans and Dr Kamalika Ghosh, found that the lifetime prevalence of episodic migraine among headache specialists was 69.5% (85.7% of women and 60.5% of men) and 13.6% for chronic migraine (19% of women and 10.5% of men). Evans also discusses survey results that found that neurologists commonly self-treat their migraines, and that some neurologists are reluctant to use preventive medications.


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