Radiological and Functional Lung Sequelae of COVID-19

A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Matsuo So; Hiroki Kabata; Koichi Fukunaga; Hisato Takagi; Toshiki Kuno


BMC Pulm Med. 2021;21(97) 

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This systematic review assessed the post discharge chest CT and pulmonary function tests in COVID-19 patients in follow-up period of about 3 months. The frequency of residual chest CT abnormalities observed was 55.7%, and ground glass opacity and parenchymal band were most frequent. Follow-up pulmonary function test was abnormal in 44.3%, mainly presenting decreased diffusion capacity. Further studies with longer term follow-up data are warranted to clarify how long these abnormalities are persistent, which will be helpful to manage patients with long-term sequelae from COVID-19 disease.