Nobody Wants to Be Narcan'd: A Pilot Qualitative Analysis of Drug Users' Perspectives on Naloxone

Jeffrey T. Lai, MD; Charlotte E. Goldfine, MD; Brittany P. Chapman, BSc; Melissa M. Taylor, BA; Rochelle K. Rosen, PhD; Stephanie P. Carreiro, MD; Kavita M. Babu, MD


Western J Emerg Med. 2021;22(2):339-345. 

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We found that participants were accepting of, knowledgeable about, and willing to use naloxone. Furthermore, we discovered that participants did not increase their use of opioids when naloxone was available, but rather tended to use opioids more cautiously due to fears of experiencing precipitated withdrawal from naloxone administration. These findings further support the need for increasing access of naloxone to help prevent opioid overdose deaths.