Endoscopic Mucosal Resection for Colonic Mucosal Neoplasia and Evaluation of Long-Term Recurrence

A Single-Center Experience of 500 Cases

Saeed Ali, MD; Neelam Khetpal, MD; Evgeny Idrisov, MD; Asad Ur Rahman, MD; Sameen Khalid, MD; Yuan Du, MS; Udayakumar Navaneethan, MD; Shyam Varadarajulu, MD; Robert Hawes, MD; Muhammad Khalid Hasan, MD


South Med J. 2021;114(4):199-206. 

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EMR is an effective, minimally invasive technique for the treatment of large LSLs. Although recurrence is a concern, the risk is low (21.8% on SC1 and 9.8% on SC2) and was managed endoscopically in 96.3% cases on follow-up endoscopy. Continued surveillance cannot be avoided because of the risk of late recurrence. Additional prospective studies are needed to further perfect EMR techniques and decrease recurrence rates.