Artificial Intelligence Improves the Accuracy in Histologic Classification of Breast Lesions

António Polónia, MD, PhD; Sofia Campelos, MD; Ana Ribeiro, MD; Ierece Aymore, MD; Daniel Pinto, MD; Magdalena Biskup-Fruzynska, MD; Ricardo Santana Veiga, MD; Rita Canas-Marques, MD; Guilherme Aresta, MEng; Teresa Araújo, MEng; Aurélio Campilho, PhD; Scotty Kwok, MSc; Paulo Aguiar, PhD; Catarina Eloy, MD, PhD


Am J Clin Pathol. 2021;155(4):527-536. 

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To our knowledge, this study represents the first time that machine learning algorithms in DP have been used to measure their impact in the classification accuracy of pathologists and pathology residents. We demonstrate that such CAD tools can increase the classification accuracy in the setting of breast lesions, providing the basis for its future clinical implementation with supervision.