The Effect of Protease Inhibitor-Based Dual Antiretroviral Regimens on CD4/CD8 Ratio During the First Year of Therapy in ART-Naïve Patients With HIV-Infection

MI Figueroa; A Camiro-Zuñiga; PF Belaunzaran-Zamudio; J Sierra Madero; J Andrade Villanueva; JR Arribas; JR Lama; DM Cecchini; G Lopardo; B Crabtree-Ramírez; A Gun; P Patterson; VI Fink; OG Sued; P Cahn


HIV Medicine. 2021;22(4):254-261. 

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These results show that the impact of 3TC + boosted PI-based DT regimens on the CD4/CD8 ratio is similar to that of boosted PI-based TT during the first year of treatment. Longer follow-up of larger populations of patients on DT should focus on the rates of non-AIDS-associated events related to these regimens, to determine if their long-term safety also compares to their early immune-virological success. Also, the evaluation of the impact of the more recently approved INSTI-based DT as compared with PI-based DT and regular TT represents an interesting perspective for future research.