Cryopreserved Placental Membranes Containing Viable Cells Result in High Closure Rate of Nonhealing Upper and Lower Extremity Wounds of Non-Diabetic and Non-Venous Pathophysiology

Eric L. Johnson, MD; Molly Saunders, BS; Tanushree Thote, PhD; Alla Danilkovitch, PhD


Wounds. 2021;33(2):34-40. 

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Many wound-care studies evaluate outcomes of skin substitutes in the management of chronic DFUs and VLUs. Unfortunately, there are limited published data regarding closure outcomes for wounds of other etiologies, such as surgical and traumatic, which tend to be more prevalent. This is the first large retrospective analysis of clinical outcomes utilizing vCPM, a placental tissue allograft type of skin substitute, for non-DFU and non-VLU wounds. This initial retrospective study provides evidence that suggests the use of vCPM may be beneficial in the treatment of nonhealing upper-extremity and lower-extremity wounds of nondiabetic and nonvenous pathophysiology, although larger controlled trials are needed to confirm these preliminary findings.