What's New in Ocular and Oral Aspects of Sjögren's Syndrome and Do New Treatments Work?

Nurhan Sutcliffe; Alberto Recchioni; Shireen Hilmi; Saaeha Rauz; Anwar R. Tappuni


Rheumatology. 2021;60(3):1034-1041. 

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SS has been underdiagnosed, undertreated and underresearched for decades compared with other rheumatologic conditions. This is changing. Examples of areas of advancing knowledge include those described in this article. Furthermore, we have widely accepted classification criteria that were developed as a result of international collaboration. Measures to assess disease activity, damage and impact have been developed and validated and are being used in drug trials. There is much interest from the pharmaceutical industry in trials for SS. There is still much to do for the assessment and treatment of the glandular disease aspects as well as systemic disease, but there are reasons for optimism.