COVID-19 Outbreak Among Attendees of an Exercise Facility

Chicago, Illinois, August-September 2020

Frances R. Lendacki, MPH; Richard A. Teran, PhD; Stephanie Gretsch, MPH; Marielle J. Fricchione, MD; Janna L. Kerins, VMD


Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. 2021;70(9):321-325. 

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Public Health Response

After receiving notification of a COVID-19 case in one of its patrons, the exercise facility closed and informed all attendees of possible COVID-19 exposure. CDPH reviewed infection control guidance with the facility, emphasizing the importance of mask use, a 14-day quarantine, isolation, and testing. In addition to following this public health guidance, the facility also asked attendees to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test result to return to class. At the time of this outbreak, businesses in Chicago were encouraged but not required to report COVID-19 cases. Under CDPH's revised public health order, city-licensed businesses are now required to report any COVID-19–related suspension of operations and awareness of five or more confirmed COVID-19 cases among employees or patrons.¶¶

¶¶Since October 1, 2020, Public Health Order 2020–2 has mandated that city-licensed businesses report to CDPH 1) any suspension in operations because of COVID-19 cases among employees or patrons and 2) awareness of five or more employees or patrons with positive COVID-19 test results within a 14-day period.