Remote Electrical Neuromodulation for Acute Treatment of Migraine in Adolescents

Andrew D. Hershey MD, PhD, FAAN, FAHS; Tamar Lin PhD; Yaron Gruper MSc; Dagan Harris PhD; Alon Ironi MSEE; Thomas Berk MD; Christina L. Szperka MD, MSCE; Frank Berenson MD, FAHS


Headache. 2021;61(2):310-317. 

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This open-label study demonstrates that the incidence of device-related adverse events is very low, providing support that REN is well tolerated and safe. The study also shows that REN may be associated with clinically meaningful efficacy in adolescents with migraine. Therefore, REN may offer a novel alternative for current pharmacological treatments that combines efficient treatment with minimal side effects. The favorable safety profile and the clinical benefits introduce an alternative acute treatment that can be incorporated into usual care and may reduce medication use and holds the potential to improve the quality of life of adolescents with migraine.