Erenumab in the Prevention of High-frequency Episodic and Chronic Migraine

Erenumab in Real Life in Italy (EARLY), The First Italian Multicenter, Prospective Real-life Study

Piero Barbanti MD, PhD; Cinzia Aurilia MD; Gabriella Egeo MD, PhD; Luisa Fofi MD; Sabina Cevoli MD, PhD; Bruno Colombo MD; Massimo Filippi MD; Fabio Frediani MD; Francesco Bono MD; Licia Grazzi MD; Antonio Salerno MD; Bruno Mercuri MD, PhD; Antonio Carnevale MD; Claudia Altamura MD, PhD; Fabrizio Vernieri MD


Headache. 2021;61(2):363-372. 

In This Article


We demonstrated in a large, multicenter, prospective, cohort, real-life study that erenumab 70 mg is effective, safe, and well tolerated in patients affected by HFEM or CM with ≥3 prior therapeutic failures, since it induces a reduction in monthly migraine/headache days, monthly intake of analgesics, pain severity, and disability.

The proportion of ≥50% responders (nearly 60%) is higher than that reported in pivotal RCTs. Our study suggests that erenumab responsiveness is positively associated with unilateral pain localization, presence of dopaminergic symptoms, and basal headache frequency and negatively associated with overt psychiatric comorbidities and the number of prior therapeutic failures.

Future real-life experiences in larger populations are needed to confirm our results and to shed light on other clinical implications such as the ideal treatment duration and prosecution or discontinuation of concomitant preventive therapies.