Association of Lesion Location and Depressive Symptoms Poststroke

Julian Klingbeil, MD; Max-Lennart Brandt; Max Wawrzyniak, MD; Anika Stockert, MD; Hans R. Schneider; Petra Baum, MD; Karl-Titus Hoffmann, MD; Dorothee Saur, MD


Stroke. 2021;52(3):830-837. 

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In this large study of structure-function-inference for depressive symptoms after stroke based on VLBM in 270 patients, we identified a significant association between lesions in the left VLPFC and the severity of depressive symptoms 6 months poststroke. Lesions in this location may be considered as a clinically relevant biological factor for PSD. This region is plausible because the VLPFC participates in mood regulation as part of the SN, which has been shown before to be dysfunctional in patients with depression. Our results converge with recent studies on lesion location and depression toward a causal role of damage to the left lateral prefrontal cortex in PSD.