Long-Term Clinical, Virological and Immunological Outcomes Following Planned Treatment Interruption in HIV-Infected Children

R Freguja; A Bamford; M Zanchetta; P Del Bianco; C Giaquinto; L Harper; A Dalzini; TR Cressey; A Compagnucci; Y Saidi; Y Riault; D Ford; D Gibb; N Klein; A De Rossi


HIV Medicine. 2021;22(3):172-184. 

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In conclusion, long-term follow-up data indicate that baseline factors, particularly levels of CD4 and CD8 cells, may be the most important determinants of response to treatment interruption. Results of this study are important, considering that, although PTI alone cannot be recommended in current patient management, it may be included in future therapeutic strategies utilizing novel therapeutic agents, such as therapeutic vaccines and broadly neutralizing antibodies.