Knowledge Translation Tools to Guide Care of Non-Intubated Patients With Acute Respiratory Illness During the COVID-19 Pandemic

David Leasa; Paul Cameron; Kimia Honarmand; Tina Mele; Karen J. Bosma


Crit Care. 2021;25(22) 

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, patients may present with various etiologies of ARI, requiring differing support levels for oxygenation and ventilation. The evidence for NRS versus early ETI in COVID-19 is still evolving. Despite limitations of existing data, HCPs must still act with the best knowledge available. In that context, it is prudent to suspect COVID-19 infection in all patients with respiratory symptoms and/or hypoxemia until ruled out, but suspicion of COVID-19 does not necessitate early intubation in all patients. Selected patients may be managed with NRS provided appropriate precautions are taken to mitigate nosocomial transmission, patients are closely monitored, and hypoxemic patients proceed to prompt intubation when necessary.