Crisaborole 2% Ointment for Mild-to-Moderate Atopic Dermatitis

Aryan Riahi, BSc; Joseph M. Lam, MD, FRCPC


Skin Therapy Letter. 2021;26(1) 

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Crisaborole provides a novel and safe treatment option for mild-to-moderate AD. Crisaborole's boron chemistry allows for formation of a low molecular weight molecule that penetrates human skin effectively but is inactivated and metabolized rapidly.[30] Crisaborole therapy has been shown to decrease pruritus, which disrupts the itch-scratch cycle that exacerbates signs of AD, improve quality of life, and decrease the risk of infection and scarring.[44] Adverse events related to crisaborole 2% are overall infrequent and range from mild-to-moderate in severity. Studies are currently underway to determine whether crisaborole can be used as long-term maintenance therapy for patients who respond to treatment. Furthermore, while crisaborole's side effect profile is generally well tolerated, new head-to-head studies comparing crisaborole with TCS or TCI are underway to better define its role in the management of AD.