Cross-sectional Study of Psychosocial and Pain-related Variables Among Patients With Chronic Pain During a Time of Social Distancing Imposed by the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic

Valerie Hruschaka; K. Mikayla Flowers; Desiree R. Azizoddin; Robert N. Jamison; Robert R. Edwards; Kristin L. Schreiber


Pain. 2021;162(2):619-629. 

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In planning for the future of service delivery for patients with chronic pain, it is imperative to develop a more comprehensive understanding regarding the impact of social distancing amongst different types of patients with pain in other geographic locations variably impacted by COVID-19, specifically allowing for identification of those for whom it is most problematic. This information could be beneficial in better understanding the impact of social isolation on pain and guide development of innovative approaches to support this vulnerable population in the case of potential subsequent waves of COVID-19 where social distancing mandates may continue to be in effect.