The Use of Multiple Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Modalities to Help Manage Extensive Wounds Caused by a Crush/Sheer Injury

Terri Reed, BSN, RN, CWON


Wounds. 2020;32(12):369-371. 

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Individuals sustaining life-threatening injuries are a challenge to any health care team. This patient survived his injuries due to the multitude of wound modalities used in his care. This case demonstrates the efficacy of using NPWTi-d. When used with other modalities, NPWTi-d can be successful in treating severe life-threatening injuries. The solution used for irrigation in this case was normal saline; however there are other solutions that can be utilized.[4] This case demonstrates that normal saline can be very effective and less cost prohibitive.

In the literature, it has been reported that patients who were treated with NPWTi-d have an increased chance of secondary wound closure, less time in the hospital, and faster healing rates than those treated with just NPWT.[5]